Eastbourne Ashridge Circle|Founded 1947

Lecture Date: November 11, 2024


Speaker: JANE GREEN, FRAS - Illustrated

Cutting-edge technology harnessed to the expertise of a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, producing a mind-blowing inter-planetary journey.

Sophisticated ground- and space-based telescopes are transforming our view of the Universe. Using the latest jaw-dropping images and stunning audiovisuals, Jane will reveal the wonders of the cosmos, sharing perspective, majesty and beauty on the grandest scale. Her powerful yet insightful odyssey begins and ends with ‘nothing,’ but the vastness between is mind-blowing.

Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, author, broadcaster and presenter, Jane has appeared on television, as well as national and regional radio, and has shared her passion for astronomy all over the world – most recently for Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic Team at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. She also delivered the inaugural Sir Patrick Moore Memorial Lecture and scripted a live theatre interview with the second man on the moon, US astronaut Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin.

Jane co-presented a pioneering national theatre roadshow –“A Tour of the Universe” – judged to be ‘a first and a triumph’ by BBC Sky at Night presenter, Professor Chris Lintott. She writes regularly for leading UK and US astronomy publications and is the author of the best-selling Haynes Astronomy Manual.

When not indulging her passion for astronomy, Jane acts as a Racing Judge for the British Horseracing Authority.