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Eastbourne Ashridge Circle|Founded 1947

Lecture Date: March 4, 2024


Speaker: AMANDA BRYETT - Illustrated

A nostalgic look back at both the challenges and the fun of being a UK tour guide, not least dealing with the many daft questions of enthusiastic foreigners.

“What time does Wales open?” “Where do I catch the tube to Edinburgh?” and “What came first, London or the Underground?” are just three of a myriad of startling questions that have been asked by visitors to these shores; and it is up to the tourist guides to deal with them. Tactfully, of course! Possibly with a straight face!

The Blue Badge – nothing to do with parking concessions for the disabled – qualification is the highest level of professional tourist guiding in the UK and is as sought-after as a Michelin star.

Having been so qualified for fifteen years, Amanda in this talk reflects upon the training and examinations needed to become a Blue-Badge guide and will take her audience on a tour of sites such as Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. She will anecdotally and with a light touch relate some of the unexpected, indeed bizarre, stories that have come her way and may seem stranger than fiction!

Amanda’s professional background is in communications and public relations. She runs a company, Windsor Tourist Guides, which takes some 6,000 people a year round the historic town and of course the castle. As a London blue-badge tourist guide she has won multiple awards.