Eastbourne Ashridge Circle|Founded 1947

Lecture Date: February 17, 2025


Speaker: SIDDY HOLLOWAY - Illustrated

An actress from Iceland brings to life the development of the hugely influential transport system that has underpinned our capital in more ways than one.

Siddy is an expert on London public transport and how it has evolved through the ages. From the horse-drawn omnibuses of the 19th century, through electrified trams, right up to the recent construction of the London Underground’s Elizabeth Line, our capital has always been a pioneer city in revolutionising mass transport systems.

But what did people feel about the rapidly developing changes in how one got around the metropolis and what was the impact on Londoners and tourists experiencing these various modes of transport, which changed every decade or two as technology advanced?

Siddy’s light-hearted talk will take us back in time and focus in particular on how passengers reacted to being part of the first underground transport system in the world; and how it helped to fuse with a rapidly growing international city. She will show how quickly the railways expanded and assess how the whole transport system changed not only London itself but much of the developed world as well – for good.

Siddy, born in Iceland but brought up in UK, is a multilingual actress and TV presenter with a talent for engaging with her audiences. Her passion is for finding the stories of real people behind the buildings and infrastructures of our modern world.