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Eastbourne Ashridge Circle|Founded 1947

Lecture Date: November 6, 2023


Speaker: Dr MICHAEL LEACH - Illustrated

The zoologist and wildlife author presents a comic overview of misbehaving species from drunken apes and psychotic magpies to prancing zebras and greedy owls.

It’s not only humans that develop devious habits. Meet drunken monkeys, psychotic magpies, larcenous apes and gluttonous owls. Discover why challenging behaviour and intelligence are often very closely connected. The brighter an animal the more likely it is to “break the rules.”

This concept underpins one of the methods used to exploit new opportunities. We see such behaviour as challenging but, in biological terms, it is evolution in progress. As the human population grows, wildlife must adapt or die out; and, in addition to this straightforward Darwinian process, many animals still exhibit some downright odd and completely inexplicable characteristics.

Michael Leach is a zoologist, wildlife author and photographer. He has travelled to all seven continents and worked with many of the world’s most charismatic animals. His career has included spending eight years as a wildlife cameraman working on more than 150 television natural history programmes; and he has written 36 wildlife books, widely translated and selling all over the world, on subjects ranging from apes and big cats to owls and bears.

His particular area of interest is behaviour and how animals are being forced to learn new survival strategies for the rapidly changing world.