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Eastbourne Ashridge Circle|Founded 1947

Lecture Date: November 20, 2023


Speaker: TIM MARSHALL - Illustrated

The ex-Sky News Foreign Editor takes a serious look at future great power rivalry in an increasingly uncertain global political melting-pot.

The end of the Cold War bi-polar world offered some countries a brief ‘holiday from history.’ Now, the multipolar world sees great power rivalry back with a literal bang. Without a ‘world policeman’ international relations are more fluid and confusing than in previous decades; however, through the confusion the outlines of a new Cold War are emerging. This is the theme of Tim’s talk.

A British journalist, author and broadcaster, Tim is a former Foreign Affairs Editor and foreign correspondent at Sky News; and before that he worked for the BBC and LBC/IRN radio. He has reported from 40 countries and covered conflicts in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Israel. He is also the founder and editor of a website for politicians, journalists, foreign affairs analysts and enthusiasts to share their views on world events.

He is the author of ‘Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World,’ which has sold more than two million copies worldwide. His other books include ‘Divided’ about the growth of physical barriers between countries; and ‘The Future of Geography,’ which looks at how great power rivalry on earth is being replicated in space.

Tim lives in Beaconsfield, Bucks. Away from global politics, he is an avid Leeds United supporter.